Index: Notes

Title, Dates and Strip Numbers for Jeff Hawke, Jeff Hawke/Lance McLane/Earthspace, Notes

Index Notes

Numbers in brackets refer to the Title numbers on the index pages.
1. The start numbers do not always correspond to the strip with the title, but to the strip were the narrative changes. This exact position is not always easy to determine precisely.
2. (1-66) Dates refer to Daily Express (London) publication dates.
3. (2-4) These stories untitled in the Daily Express. The titles were taken from an Italian edition published by Rizzoli Editore, Milano Libri Edizioni, 1975.
4. (67, 68) These were published in reverse order by the Scottish Daily News.
5. (67) The Daily News ceased publication on 8/11/75. The rest of the story continued in syndication.
6. (69) Syndication only.
7. The Lance McLane numbering sequence started from ‘1’ several times.
8. (1-5) M1-238 were published as Earthspace in the Evening News (London) 11/01/78-6/12/78.
9. (1-43) Dates refer to Daily Record (Glasgow) publication dates.
10. (3, 23) Untitled in originals, O’S titles.
11. (1-6, 37, 38, 42, 43) These were only published as Lance McLane and not syndicated for Jeff Hawke.
12. (7-36, 39-41) For various reasons, the number of McLane strips and Hawke strips in a story may not correspond, in particular No. 96/33.
13. (43) The Daily Record ceased publishing Lance McLane on 30/04/88 and the story was never completed.
(c) Tony O' Sullivan